About No More Sidelines:

Founded in 2005, No More Sidelines was the vision and passion of Cyndi Blair. Having a child with cerebral palsy, autism and cognitive delays, Cyndi wanted a network for her daughter to participate in activities and make friends. Cyndi recruited 6 other children with special needs and their families and proceeded to make plans for having fun together. 1 year later, the 6 turned into 60 and now, nearly 300 children and young adults have active social schedules. They now participate in activities including basketball, soccer, softball, swimming, bowling dance and track and field, to name a few.

But No More Sidelines is more than an organization dedicated to integrating special needs children into the community and providing opportunities where children can have fun. No More Sidelines is an organization where participants and their families develop friendships and enjoy a sense of belonging. parents meet other parents and know they are not alone. There is no charge for the children to participate in No More Sidelines activities. Children are happier and gain a sense of accomplishment and confidence. Children are able to socialize, participate, grow and develop a positive attitude and families grow closer.

With a primary location on Seminole Road in Muskegon, No More Sidelines also operates through several networks of partnerships and relationships. No More Sidelines is a non profit organization and its staff are all volunteers. For more information on No More Sidelines, please go to www.nomoresidelines.org. 

If you would like to volunteer, make a donation or get more information on No More Sidelines, click on this logo.