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The sprint swim course is a beach start. Athletes will enter the water and swim a clockwise triangular course for 1 lap for a total of 500 meters. Athletes will swim to the "first" buoy and turn right, heading West to the next buoy, then turning toward the beach. Athletes will exit the water and run the sidewalk (approximately 100 meters) to the transition area. 


The Olympic swim course is also a beach start. Athletes will enter the water and also swim a clockwise course for 2 laps for a total of 1500 meters. Athletes will swim out to the "second" buoy and turn right, heading West to the next buoy then turning to the beach. Athletes will exit the water and run to the beach "start" area for the 2nd lap. 


Upon exiting the transition area, athletes will head north to exit the park via Michillinda Rd. When you reach the road, you will turn right and travel East. Travel East, approximately 5.25 miles on Michillinda Rd until you reach the turn around, near Whitehall Rd. After completing the turn around, you will simply head West on Michillinda Rd back to the park. When entering the park, you'll bike south back to the transition. Sprint athletes will enter the transition. THE OLYMPIC ATHLETES WILL BEGIN A SECOND LAP OF THE BIKE COURSE PRIOR TO ENTERING THE TRANSITION AREA.


​After racking your bike, athletes will exit the South entrance of the transition area and begin their run. Athletes, after exiting the transition will go down the sidewalk, toward the beach and turn left. Turning left will take you East and running on the trail. The trail will be mark with numerous laminated black arrow signs to keep you on course. When coming out of the trail, you'll run across the beach and connect with the sidewalk. Continue running on the marked sidewalk until you're directed to run on the road which will take you back to the transition area / finish. The sprint course is 1 lap and the olympic course is 2 laps.